Slash Goldtop

#1 por nikpo el 07/07/2008
hola foreros!!
les queria preguntar que modelo es la guitarra que usa slash en los conciertos de tokio...

tengo entendido que es una les paul goldtop...
pero de que año es no se...

haber si alguien me ayuda....

PD: pensaba ponerlo en el foro de Musicos,Guitaristas...
pero lo puse acá, si algun moderador es tan amable de ponerlo en su lugar correspondiente....

#2 por --195521-- el 08/07/2008
Creo que es del 57, pero no estoy tampoco muy seguro :saludo:
#3 por pakko el 04/09/2008
Era una pre-historic del 57 fabricada a finales de los 80.

Y para confirmarlo unas palabras de un currito de gibson que estaba por alli durante aquellos años

rastus escribió:
I can shed some light on this, I worked at Gibson at the time-The only Classics Slash got from us were a couple prtotypes from the Custom Shop. They can be seen in the famous group photo he did with a bunch of his guitars a few years back. One was trans red the other trans amber-both had a pearl TRC with a Slash tophat and signature, both were regular tenon and had 60 slim necks. Both had black chrome hardware and really flamey/quilty wood. I don't think he much dug them, never saw them anywhere but in that one pic.

The goldtop is one I know about, I remeber we sent out that 57 reissue for Slash and a Black Custom as well as a white ES175 for Izzy. All were stamped "Artist Promotional Use" on the back of the headstock, as were all the standard production guitars that A&R handed out-these generally were cosmetically flawed in some small way. That particular darkback pre-historic was an 89 model and was just a wall hanger in the artist "showroom" in the plant. Slash played it and asked for it. The guitar was a regular old short tenon, regular C shape neck model. The difference between a Standard and a reissue back then came down to only a few things that differed, it was basically cosmetic-The bodies had thin binding in the cutaway, the bridge was an ABR1 rather than a Nashville, the serial was inked rather than stamped, and the pearl head logo was a fifties style open"b and o" without a dot over the i. There was also no shielding can in any of the reissues-the can was phased out a little later on. Just a stock guitar like anyone could get back then, blemished, stamped, and plucked off the wall by Slash.


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