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Jon Zubiaur
#1 por Jon Zubiaur el 16/09/2014
¿Me pueden decir grupos que toquen en esta afinación?
(D G C F A D)
#2 por Deathspell el 17/09/2014
Le he preguntado a un oráculo llamado google y tras sacrificar varias cabras me dice que...

Airbourne (on "Diamond In The Rough")
Amorphis (later albums)
Anaal Nathrakh
Atheist (band)
Bad Religion (on "Infected")
Baroness (band)
Bathory (on "Hammerheart")
Blaze Bayley
The Beatles (on "Yesterday")
Black Label Society
Black Tide (on Light from Above)
Black Stone Cherry (on the songs "You" and "Peace is Free", as well as most acoustic performances)
Blink-182 (on "Adam's Song")
Brand New Sin
Bullet For My Valentine (on some songs from the album Scream Aim Fire, including its title track.)
Chevelle (on Point No. 1)
Children of Bodom
Control Denied
Corrosion Of Conformity
Cradle Of Filth
Creedence Clearwater Revival (on Fortunate Son and Bad Moon Rising)
Dale Watson (singer)
The Dead Weather
Decrepit Birth
Dimmu Borgir (albums In Sorte Diaboli and Abrahadabra)
Disillusion (band)
Dizzy Mizz Lizzy
Doug Anthony All Stars (used when playing live, DAAS Icon was recorded with electric guitars in standard tuning)
Dragonland (on the album, "Holy War")
Dream Evil
Dream Theater (used on the songs "Endless Sacrifice", "I Walk Beside You", "Forsaken", "Never Enough", "A Rite of Passage" and "Lost Not Forgotten")
Elliott Smith "Biggest Lie" and "Christian Brothers" (both from the album Elliott Smith), "All Cleaned Out" (from the album New Moon)
Fall Out Boy
Firewind (Gus G. also uses this tuning with Ozzy Osbourne)
Four Year Strong
The Fratellis (on Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes)
The Gaslight Anthem
the Gazette
Gorod (band)
Anthony Green (solo work)
Green Day (on the song "Paper Lanterns")
Hamlet (on Sanatorio de Muñecos)
I (band)
Immortal (band)
Tony Iommi (used when playing live)
Job for a Cowboy
Judas Priest (live performances during the Tim "Ripper" Owens era)
Killing Joke
Kiss on all songs live since 2012
Megadeth (on all songs live since late 2012, Prince of Darkness & the entire Super Collider album)
Metallica (on "The Thing That Should Not Be", "Sad But True", "Devil's Dance", "Sabbra Cadabra", "Whiskey in the Jar", "The Small Hours", "Crash Course in Brain Surgery" and in live performances of "Seek & Destroy" and "Jump in the Fire" since 2003.)
Mötley Crüe (most songs)
Mobile Deathcamp
Mumford and Sons (Timshel among others)
Napalm Death "(The Code is Red and Smear Campaign)"
Neil Young
Nightwish (since the Century Child album, with the exception of Eva which is in E♭ tuning)
Nirvana (on the songs "Lithium", "Come as You Are" and "Drain You" from the album Nevermind)
Obituary (band)
Oceansize (used on all albums)
Omnium Gatherum
Panic! at the Disco (on "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" [acoustic version])
Pantera on Becoming, 5 Minutes Alone from Far Beyond Driven, Suicide Note Pt. 2 from The Great Southern Trendkill, Hellbound, Goddamn Electric, Yesterday Don't Mean Sh.t, You've Got To Belong To It, Revolution is My Name, Death Rattle, We'll Grind that Axe for a long time, Uplift, It Makes them disappear from Reinventing The Steel on Where You Come from from Official Live: 101 Proof
Paradise Lost (band)
Paul McCartney (on "Yesterday")
Pestilence "(Consuming Impulse)"
Pink Floyd ("Dogs" from the album Animals)
Poison the Well (on The Opposite of December)
Power Quest (on the albums "Master of Illusion" and "Blood Alliance", and live since 2008)
Queen (on "Fat Bottomed Girls" from Jazz)
Queens of the Stone Age (on "18 A.D.")
Quo Vadis (band)
The Red Chord
Rush Most of Test For Echo, live versions of "2112" and "Circumstances" from Hemispheres
Sabaton (since live performance in 2013 onwards, and since Heroes)
Saosin (most songs)
Scorpions (live performances of the songs Bad Boys Running Wild, Tease Me Please Me, Big City Nights, No One Like You, Coast to Coast, Loving You Sunday Morning, The Zoo, Dynamite, Blackout, and Raised on Rock)
Seether (on "Country Song")
Shadows Fall
Shining (Sweden)
Sister Sin
Skillet (in some songs from the album, "Rise"; those songs include "Sick of It", "Not Gonna Die", Circus for a Psycho", and "Madness in Me")
Slaughter (on debut album)
Sodom (in some songs from "'Til Death Do Us Unite" and since "Code Red")
Suffocation (band)
Sunny Day Real Estate (exclusively on first two albums)
Symphony X
Tame Impala
Testament (notably on First Strike Still Deadly)
Theory of a Deadman - (on some songs including "Bad Girlfriend")[1]
Therapy? (on their latest albums)
Thrice (some songs on Vheissu, their primary tuning from The Alchemy Index onwards)
Toxic Holocaust "Hell on Earth"
Robin Trower (on later albums)
Underoath (on some songs from Ø (Disambiguation))
The Velvet Underground
Venom (on some albums and live performances)
Wolf Parade (on "Modern World")
The Shrine
#3 por javinatas el 17/09/2014
Ja, ja!!!!!!!!!!! Pues con esta lista me da a mí que tiene para tirar un rato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sacrifica otro par de cabras y que el oráculo te diga el numero de la lotería de esta semana!!!!!!!!!!!
#4 por SirCuervo el 17/09/2014
Deathspell escribió:
Quo Vadis (band)

Diría que Quo Vadis afina en E, no en D.
Deathspell escribió:

Meshuggah van con 8 cuerdas afinadas un semitono más bajo, o sea en Eb
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