Bugera v22 o line 6 spider iv 120 watts?

#1 por davemustaine121 el 22/01/2014
Line 6 Spider IV 120
120 watts (stereo)
2x10" Celestion Custom speakers; Three-quarter closed-back cabinet for a tight, snappy response
500+ presets: 300+ hand-crafted presets from 50 world-famous bands and guitarists, almost 200 dialed in presets inspired by the best guitar songs of all time, up to 64 user-created presets
Artist-created presets hand-crafted by Johnny Marr, Slipknot, Pete Anderson, 311, Meshuggah, Lacuna Coil, As I Lay Dying, Steve Stevens, The Donnas, Minus the Bear, and 40 more guitarists and bands
Song-based presets inspired by the tones of Master of Puppets, Back in Black, Whole Lotta Love, Daytripper, Toxicity, Purple Haze, Head Like a Hole, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Crazy Train, and almost 200 more
16 exceptional amp models that exhibit sophisticated touch response, complex distortions, and compression that breathes like it's emanating from a vintage tube amp. (Line 6 modeling is often imitated, but never duplicated.)
Up to 8 effects at once with FBV MkII. 20 Smart FX (up to 4 at once) including Smart Harmony and Pitch Glide plus echoes, mods, reverbs, tremolos, delays, and more; Additional effects include Quick Loop, Noise Gate, and Boost; Edit all effects up to 7 parameters deep
Bass, Mid and Treble knobs behave like the EQ controls from each modeled amp; Drive knob; Channel volume; Master volume; Manual Mode
1/4-inch input; 1/4-inch headphone/direct output; two 1/4-inch speaker outputs; 1/8-inch CD/MP3 input; FBV jack; Built-in chromatic tuner

Bugera v22
Hand-built 22-Watt guitar combo driven by 2 x EL84 tubes
Way cool vintage look and feel
Original heavy-duty 12" BUGERA guitar speaker for true vintage sound
Authentic 2-channel preamp design from the '60s featuring 3 x 12AX7 tubes—everything from purring blues to mind-blowing crunch
Integrated high-class reverb with dedicated Reverb control
Vintage Equalizer section with dedicated Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls
Normal and Bright inputs for ultimate sound character to perfectly match your guitar
Multi-gain stage Lead channel with Pre, Post gain and Master controls
Amazing Mode switch to select between Triode or Pentode operation
Impedance connectors (4, 8 and 16 Ohms) to match virtually any external speaker cabinet
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

cual recomiendan en cuanto sonido?
#2 por Reverendo el 22/01/2014
¿Por qué abres varios hilos preguntando lo mismo? Ya van varios hilos tuyos que he visto desde hace unas semanas en donde repites exactamente lo mismo. Ayer, por ejemplo, ya habías hecho esta misma pregunta.

Ahora, no entiendo el por qué hacer un descarado copy paste de las especificaciones de los amplis, cuando no hay que ser un genio para saber que comparar un ampli a válvulas es como comparar un Ferrari con un Chevy...
#3 por davemustaine121 el 22/01/2014
.-. el problema es que yo soy de mexico y la mayoria de usuarios de españa, por lo tanto no se a que horas hay mas usuarios, por eso abro varios hilos, nunca contestas ya sea por que estén dormidos o algo asi.
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