Ltd ec-256 vs Epiphone les paul standard

#1 por livingdead el 01/03/2009
hi to all! i have some questions....
i'm waiting for buy a new guitar and i'v seen this 2 : Ltd ec-256 compared with an epiphone standard....But..the quality it's the same?? or which is better??

Photo and spec.

EC-256 AHB

* Set-Neck
* 24.75" Scale
* Mahogany Body
* Flamed Maple Top
* Mahogany Neck
* Rosewood Fingerboard
* 42mm Standard Nut
* Thin U Neck Contour
* 22 XJ Frets
* Nickel Hardware
* ESP Tuners
* TOM Bridge & Tailpiece
* ESP LH-150 (B & N) p.u.
w/ Push-Pull Coil Tap on Tone Control

Epiphone les paul standard

thanks to all!;)
#2 por nondedeu el 01/03/2009
I have an Epiphone lp standard four months ago and Im really happy with it sound. Its beatifull too.
But i think its better go to a shop and play both. Its the best way to make the right decision.
#3 por toshiki el 02/03/2009
I have a LTD EC-256 and I'm really happy with it, even if its not perfect. You can read the review I wrote here: [Review] LTD EC-256 vbk - Guitarristas.Info (you can use online translation like babelfish if you do not understand spanish well XP).
I played an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and I liked the 256 better, the body is thinner, the guitar is lighter but still has great resonance, and I like the Eclipse shape more than the normal Les Paul one. In the end its just a matter of what do you like more, so what nondedeu said is a great idea: Go to a guitar shop and play them both. Then decide =).
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