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#2281 por josepotote el 05/03/2017
Ok gracias
#2282 por novato77 el 05/03/2017
Mark I/II:



Axe-Fx II Quantum Firmware Release Notes



Improved phase inverter modeling in Amp block. This provides thicker power amp distortion. New algorithm also includes bias shifting which results in more harmonic spectrum variation with input amplitude. This improves feel, “knock” and creates sweeter single note soloing. The new “PI Bias Shift” parameter controls the amount of phase inverter bias shift. Note that some real amps are “spitty” in nature due to PI bias shifting, i.e. Trainwrecks, and the new algorithm is designed to replicate that behavior accurately. If you find the behavior undesirable reduce the PI Bias Shift value as desired although this will reduce authenticity.

Improved output transformer modeling. This results in tighter, less boomy and smoother bass when the virtual power amp is driven hard. Note that this change may be significant and initially alarming with certain amp models. While the new algorithms are much more accurate they may be disconcerting to those who are accustomed to the old algorithms. In these cases the user may want to decrease the Transformer Drive and/or Low Res parameters in the amp block at the expense of accuracy. It is recommended instead, however, to readjust other parameters in the preset (i.e. Drive, BMT, etc.) which will achieve more authentic results.

Improved Amp block cathode follower modeling (again). This results in tighter bass and “chunkier” tones. As a result nearly all amp models that use cathode followers have been reworked with updated parameters. It is recommended that the model be reloaded by deselecting and reselecting the desired model which will load the pertinent default values. Models that have benefited the most from this include:
- Bogfish
- Brit 800
- CA3+
- Cameron CCV
- Corncob
- Dizzy V4 Blue
- Dizzy V4 Silver
- Herbie
- Recto1 and Recto2
- Solo 88, 99 and 100

Changed default value of Speaker Drive to 0.5. When selecting an amp model the Speaker Drive parameter will now default to a value of 0.5 which is commensurate with a small amount of speaker breakup. Adjust this value to taste, if desired. If using the Axe-Fx II with a power amp and conventional guitar speakers you may want to reduce this value as the guitar speakers will impart their own distortion.

Fixed mistake in preamp compression algorithm.

Added “Dirty Shirley 2” amp model based on an earlier version of this amp with some different component values. This model is a little more aggressive than the regular model.

Changed “Bludojai Clean” amp model so that “Pre-Amp Bypass” is off (Pre-Amp Bypass actually bypasses the tone stack and increases the gain so it should be more correctly referred to as “Tone Stack Bypass”).

Added “Brit 800 #34 ” amp model based on the “Santiago #34 ” modifications.

Changed taper of Overdrive control in “USA Lead” amp models so that control is not so abrupt.

Replaced following OwnHammer factory cabs with new IRs (see Note 2):
- Cab #57 with “4x12 MAR PR-H55 FULL”
- Cab #142 with “1x12 DLX P12R Fat”
- Cab #146 with “4x10 SUPER VERB CTS FAT”
- Cab #148 with “4x12 MAR PR-M20B FULL”
- Cab #149 with “4x12 TRAD V60 FULL”

Added five new cabs comprised of our favorite mixes from several of our latest cab packs (only available for XL and XL+):
- 1x12 Class-A 15W Mix
- 1x15 Vibrato Verb Mix
- 2x12 Class-A 30W Mix
- 4x10 SuperVerb Mix
- 4x12 Greenback Mix

Fixed missing feedback network capacitor in all “Recto” models. This results in extended bass response.

Fixed mistakes in “Euro” amp models.

Fixed mistakes in “Cameron” amp models.

Fixed several mistakes in “Shiver” amp models.

Fixed mistakes in “Hot Kitty” amp model.

Fixed wrong transformer match value in “Citrus Terrier” model.

Fixed “Ruby Rocket” and “Ruby Rocket Brt” model names swapped. The amp’s bright switch is logically backwards (bright on is switch down).

Fixed input gain slightly too high in “Solo 88 Cln” model.

Fixed wrong phase inverter tail resistor and snubber capacitor values in “Brit AFS100” models.

Fixed wrong screen resistor value in all “PVH” models.

Fixed can’t cancel controller “Learn Mode” in I/O->CTRL menu.

Fixed Custom Shift menu error in Pitch block.

1. This firmware has significant changes to the core algorithms. While every attempt has been made to ensure compatibility with existing presets it is recommended that the amp block be reset by deselecting and reselecting the desired amp model to load the new default values and the preset then auditioned and readjusted as necessary.

2. Fractal Audio Systems is pleased to announce that our online store will be carrying a new series of OwnHammer Cab Packs containing high-quality IRs for use with the Axe-Fx II, AX8, or Cab-Lab. In addition, OwnHammer has provided five new IRs to replace some of the factory cabs they provided previously, including one free sample from the new, "OwnHammer 412 Mar Green Vintage" available now at This pack contains some of the best IRs we've ever heard and is simply a "must have" for vintage 4x12 "Brit Green" tones.
#2283 por josepotote el 06/03/2017
Gracias compañero
#2284 por risingjul el 06/03/2017
Gran aporte.... Merecerá la pena???? yo estoy planteandome volver al 4.0, me sonaba algo mas organico, jajajajaja
Que locura....
#2285 por Vintagero2003 el 08/03/2017
Suena de lujo, gran cambio a mejor.

Un saludo.
#2286 por josepotote el 08/03/2017
Ya salio el Quantum 7?
#2287 por porpedir... el 08/03/2017
Siiii, por cierto que es la bomba
#2288 por novato77 el 08/03/2017
Yo a ver si hoy a la noche lo pruebo. Donde más noto los cambios siempre es en la sala de ensayo, a volumen alto.
#2289 por novato77 el 08/03/2017
Los usuarios del MKI/II, ¿habeis tenido que retocar mucho los presets?
#2290 por porpedir... el 08/03/2017
Yo he reseteado los amplis (seleccionar otro ampli y volver al de antes, si te gusta el resultado guardar).
Cada vez suenan mejor sin toqueteos!
#2291 por josepotote el 08/03/2017
Joder habra que bajarlo
#2292 por risingjul el 08/03/2017
ASi no se puede, quiero resistirme a actualzar, pero me lo poneis muy dificil, jejejejeje Hablando tan bien de estas actualizaciones...

Una pregunta, #2290 , si no resetas el ampli, no te afecta el cambio? soy usuario de Mark... O suena peor??
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