Ruido en Nano Clone

#1 por strastornado el 14/06/2011
Hola, tengo desde hace unos días un Nano Clone de EHX y estoy sorprendido de lo malo que es.

Lo que quiero es saber si se puede hacer alguna mod para que deje de hacer tanto ruido (fsssss) y para que no sea tan notable la pérdida de volumen al activarlo.

Encontré esto en la página de EHX:

I just bought one of these the other day after watching the pro guitar demo on youtube, looked really impressive for the cash so why not? well 1. the video did not show off the amazing amount of noise (white noise!) this pedal produces, 2. that there was a definate drop in volume. After looking on the web for the solution i found this page which offers no real solution, just like all the others. Basically peolple say ‘buy something else thats 10 times the price and sounds like a 1990’s total guitar magazine demo!‘ or words to that effect. So I opened it up and took a peak (and invalidated my warranty i should think).

I noticed two screw pots on the PCB inside, if you turn the top left one it increases the level of the whole effect. i turned it all the way up and that seemed to sort the volume issue for me.

I tried turn the other one which just made the effect turn off or on, theres a sweet spot in the middle. I thought this may be an input level which would sort the noise level if used with the output screw pot to compensate but it wasnt that.

The problem with noise is surely a matter of input level (signal to noise ratio) i tried it with a les paul and a strat and the noise does not increase with the volume increase from louder pickups. The noise becomes more livable (well nearly) when played with my les paul which is louder than my strat.

I think to solve this problem i need to find a way to increase the input level ( By removing or replacing resistors on the input ) and then stepping the output down using the screw pot on the top left of the PCB to compensate, just like you would on a mixing desk.

As for the bass drop off…........i like it, its like Adrian Belew’s broken pickup on his old strat.

if i have any joy i’ll post it here!

and if anyone from EHX actually reads these can i have a job please?!?!

Moví los "pots" que menciona en mi pedal (si es que entendí bien) pero el único de los dos que reduce el ruido es como que reduce el efecto en sí. No sé si me explico.

Bueno, eso, a ver si alguien me dá una mano.

#2 por malguitarrista el 30/12/2012
hola,se que el hilo es antiguo ,pero para no abrir,otro,pues me pasa lo mismo que a este compañero,se puede hacer algo para mejorar el ruido y la bajada de volymen de un nano clobe?.
yo no leo ingles y no se que pone en el pot del compañero.
si alguien me puede ayudar,gracias.
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