Nuevo Evil*Robot

#1 por samplerman el 10/03/2012
Ha salido la nueva versión del Evil Robot pero Made in Asia, por 895$+envío; sabeis algo?

Power: 18W/30W Class A, cathode biased
Power Switches Power On, 18W, Standby and 30W Operation
Channels (2): Loudness A/B high and low
LEDs: Loudness A and B
Controls: Loudness A/B Volume, Tone A/B (pulling Loudness A switches between channels A and B
Master Volume Controls overall volume level, maintains tone and distortion down to whisper levels
Vibrato: Intensity and Speed
Power Tubes (4) 6V6 (fixed bias)
Preamp Tubes: (3) 12AX7, (1) 12AU7, (1) 6AV6
Speaker Output: 8/16 ohm selector, output jack wired to speaker, disengages external speaker when inserted
Remote Speaker Output: 1/4” metal jack, wired in parallel with main speaker
Effects Loop Tube buffered, Send and Return (true bi-pass when not inserted)
Tone Selector: Normal, Mellow, and Bright
Transformers: Ear Tuned, Hand Wound
Speaker: Custom speaker (8 ohm) 12”
Chassis and Name Plate: 16 gauge steel, painted, screened and baked
Assembly: Hand made, circuit board (2 oz copper traces, thick circuit board), quality components
Front Jacks: (2) High and Low ¼” metal jacks
Knobs: Black chicken head
Cabinet: Birch Wood
Tolex: Black, animal glue, finished corners
Grill Cloth: Black Mesh
Handle: Heavy duty black vintage style
Accessories: Two button foot switch, controls channels and vibrato
Weight: 28 lbs
Dimensions: 20”L x 9.5”W x 15”H
Cooling: Fan
#2 por dadopesca el 10/03/2012
yo solo se que phil x hace que suene a gloria... si yo tocase con ese ampli seguro que sonaba a transistores malos dentro de un bidón...
eso si, tiene una pinta acojonante.
#3 por samplerman el 10/03/2012
jajaja la verdad es que el tipo toca muy bien! Y como ahora ha sacado la versión "económica" del Evil Robot pues digo, a ver si alguien mas le ha echado un vistazo! Es para no tener lo tipico... :D
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