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Vendo o Cambio: Zoom G2.1U

Por MrLndr el 12/06/2018 en Madrid
Expiración: 24/10/2018 Visto 124 veces
40 €
Vendo o Cambio: Zoom G2.1U
Como nuevo... usado muy poco y en casa.

Descripción completa de la web:

The Zoom G2.1U is a multi-effects pedal that can be used both live and in recording settings, producing the same effects and sound-quality in both situations. The G2.1U digitally simulates analog sounds and effects for nine effects modules, totaling 54 types of effects like delay and pitch shift. With an expression pedal, chromatic tuner, drum machine, USB port, and optional footswitch, the G2.1U is considered extremely versatile.

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