Pure Bypass? Mejor que True-Bypass?

#1 por elkin188 el 22/02/2011
Hola foreros, investigando sobre los pedales VisualSound (pues quiero comprar un H2O) he encontrado en la seccion de preguntas frecuentes de su página, que sus pedales no tienen tecnologia true-bypass. En cambio, Tienen Pure-Bypass. He aquí lo que dicen: (extraído tal cual su página http://www.visualsound.net/index.php/resources/faq/#12)


Do Visual Sound pedals have "true-bypass"? No, but for some very sound reasons. And they have something which may be better: Pure Bypass.

The switches required for "true-bypass" are much less reliable in the long run, typically rated at around 5000 stomps, but often lasting less than that. They also cause audible switch pop through your amp. The V2 Series pedals have a proprietary switching system rated at 10,000,000 stomps and are virtually silent. The V2 switches actually cost us a lot more than 3PDT "true-bypass" switches, but they're well worth it.

Secondly, the buffering system in the pedals was taken from our Pure Tone pedal. This pedal was built originally for guitarist Neil Zaza who needed something to clean up his bypass tone for all the pedals he used (VOX wah included). Pure Tone, when placed first in the chain, made it sound like you were plugged straight into the amp even when going through notorious tone killer pedals. We ended up selling about 200 of these to very happy tone conscious guitar players before we put it into Jekyll & Hyde as an added feature. So, if J&H or Rt. 66 is first in your chain, it will buffer everything that follows it as well as itself. Even if it's in the middle of the chain, it will still work to some extent.

Thirdly, the Pure Tone buffer also keeps the Hyde circuit (in Jekyll & Hyde) stable. In the early stages of design, I noticed that the Hyde circuit was prone to occillation and feedback until I put the Pure Tone circuit before it. Somehow, it left all the good characteristics in tact and eliminated the ugliness.
#2 por elkin188 el 10/05/2011
alguien por alli?
#3 por --113495-- el 11/05/2011
nada tio, que te la quieren meter doblada con una mierda que se han inventado ellos xD

edito tras leer: por lo que veo, los pedales llevan buffer, (yo no investigo mucho sobre pedales, pero se que el dunlop zakk wylde wah signature lleva buffer), a grandes rasgos, dicen que el pedal no te va a chupar tono por su nuevo sistema ultra-milagroso (JA), los pedales con buffer también te chupan tono, menos, pero lo hacen.

Prefiero el true-bypass y cambiar el selector cada 5000 pisadas como dicen ellos

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