#1 por Павел Забуруев el 22/06/2012
I'm a guitarist from Russia, coming to Barcelona next week for few months.
Would be glad to take part in local forum activities, maybe to play or to jam with musicians in Barca.

Here some clips of mine:

My song called "Catwalk":

This solo on "Jumpstart" by Greg Howe took 1st place in the international competition "Play for me" in 2008:

New version of my old song "Intensity of the feeling", recently recorded in the local music store for Ibanez guitars (I am endorser of their axes):

My students playing some technical stuff (damn old video, done in 2007):

Me playing in the local pop band (some clips cut from the concert, I got the camcorder on stage behind me):

Also, just some technique demos done on webcam right on the lessons:

#2 por combing7 el 22/06/2012
Welcome bro!...good songs...
#3 por Павел Забуруев el 29/06/2012
Thanks man!
#4 por víctor m. el 02/07/2012
Добро пожаловать Товарищ!! ;)
#5 por jimibgoode el 03/07/2012
Dobri den! Ti sdes ne odin ruskii xaxa!

Klasna tebia sdes imet! Udacha i rockanroll!
#6 por Andrew85 el 03/07/2012
Holy crap! I remember your song "Catwalk" from a "GUITARS suck" compilation I saw about 4 years ago! That song is really good! Best of luck to you!
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