Cabezal behringer vale para pantalla Harley Benton?

#1 por Chemical Headbanger el 20/09/2012
hola buenas, me tng q pillar un ampli y no queiro gastarme mucha pasta asi q e estado mirando y me surge la duda de si todo vale para todo asi q queria saber si el cabezal behringer VT100FXH Virtube:

Behringer VT100FXH Virtube, guitar head, 100 watts, 2 channels, VTC tube modeling, dual digital FX processor with chorus/delay, thomann chorus, flanger, delay plus separate reverb, 2 switchable modes on each channel: clean/crunch on the clean and OD1/OD2 on the overdrive channel, independent bass, mid and treble tone controls on each channel, contour control for radical midrange sweep from traditional to scooped modern, thomann headphone and line out with integrated speaker simulation, Aux input, effect loop, incl. dual footswitch FS112VT for channel selection and fx bypass, dimensions whd: 580 x 245 x 270 mm, weight: 12,4 kg

vale para la pantalla Harley Benton G212:

Harley Benton G212 guitar cabinet, 200W RMS into 8 Ohms, 2x 12" speakers, large bin handles, jack connection, plywood thomann construction, closed back. Max. SPL: 123dB, mono/stereo switch (8 Ohms mono, 16 Ohms stereo). Colour: Black. Dimensions: 520 x 742 x 300mm. Weight: 25kg

muxas gracias
#2 por juanaka17 el 20/09/2012
Si el cabezal funciona a 8 ohmnios o tiene la opción de ponerlo funciona a la perfección.
#3 por Chemical Headbanger el 20/09/2012
muchas gracias
mirare a ver si se puede poner en 8 ohmnios
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