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Roswell Pickups P90D Dogear Black

Por erik6 el 28/12/2020 en Barcelona
Expiración: 22/12/2021 | Visto 1318 veces
15 €
Pastilla Roswell P90D Dogear Black.
Extraída de una guitarra Harley Benton.

A rarely considered alternative to the single coil or humbucker, the Roswell Dogear P90 carries the classic sound of early rock, jazz and blues. The combination of single coil design and particularly wide coil winding combines the best of both worlds and delivers a vocal and powerful single coil character with the striking foundation of the humbucker's low midrange.

Roswell P90 Pickups
Combines single coil and humbucker sounds
Dogear strap
Alnico V Magnet
Black housing

Manufacturer: Roswell Pickups
Design: P-90
Wiring: 1-conductor
Number of Strings: 6
Position: Bridge-Neck
Magnet: Alnico V
DC Resistance (kOhm): 7.1
Inductance (Henry): 4.68
Active pickups: No
Output: Vintage
Version: Black Plasteic Cap
Características declaradas por el vendedor

Estado: Muy bueno

Color: Negro


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