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Pedalera digitech rp100

Por procharlx el 07/03/2019 en Madrid
Expiración: 29/09/2019 Visto 198 veces
20 €
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Pedalera digitech rp100
product Information
With 25 programmable effects and up to 10 effects, the Digitech RP100A gives you infinite ways to play your music. The 3 adjustable parameters in every effect of this Digitech multi-effects pedal lets you produce the kind of sound you desire. The Rhythm Trainer in this Digitech guitar effect pedal plays sampled music which you can listen to for enhancing your performance. You can also generate custom music with this Digitech multi-effects pedal that boasts 40-factory and 40-user presets. The chromatic tuner in this Digitech guitar effect pedal allows you to instantly tune your instrument to any of the 4 tuning references. The Digitech RP100A has extremely easy-to-use functions that even a beginner can use it without any trouble.

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