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Mike Lull M4V Custom (2000)

Por musicmano el 22/06/2021 en Barcelona
Expiración: 18/12/2021 | Visto 1281 veces
2600 €
Mike Lull M4V Custom (2000)
  • Mike Lull M4V Custom (2000)
  • Mike Lull M4V Custom (2000)
  • Mike Lull M4V Custom (2000)
  • Mike Lull M4V Custom (2000)
  • Mike Lull M4V Custom (2000)
  • Mike Lull M4V Custom (2000)
Con todas mis dudas pongo a la venta este grandísimo bajo, súper cómodo y ligero, espectaculares maderas y con un sonido jazz bass maravilloso!
Número de serie bajo.
Tristemente, recientemente ha fallecido Mike Lull.
Your bass was built by Mike in 2000.
Mike Lull M4V / M5V Bass Guitar
Mike’s M4V relays a fantastic classic vintage vibe with all the wonderful attributes of a 60's/70's Jazz bass combined with modern active/passive electronics all in a slightly downsized body shape.
Mike's M5V is a five string version of our M4V with a booming low 'B' string added for that extra earth shattering thump when needed. Available in 34" or 35" scale with the 'B' string running through the body for extra contact and sustain.
» M4V & M5V: M is for Modern, V is for Vintage
» Built in the USA in Bellevue, Washington, just outside of Seattle
» Every Mike Lull instrument gets a PLEK precision fret-leveling
Options and ordering information »
Features & Specs
» Alder, Swamp Ash or Mahogany Body
» Graphite Reinforced Maple Neck
» Maple or Rosewood Fingerboard
» Contoured Neck Heel
» 34" Scale Length (34" or 35" for M5V)
» 21 Frets
» 12" Radius Fingerboard
» M4V: 1 1/2" Nut Width
» M5V: 1 7/8" Nut Width and 2 7/8 Neck Width at Body
» Bone Nut
» Chrome, Black or Gold Hardware
» Hipshot Ultralite Tuners
» Vintage Style Pick-Guard & Control Plate
» Aguilar or Bartolini Active Tone Circuits
» M4V: Custom Wound Lindy Fralin Single Coil Pickups (Also available in Hum Canceling)
» M5V: Custom Wound Seymour Duncan Basslines Single Coil Pickups (Also available in Hum Canceling)
» Hipshot Aluminum Bridge
» Full Electrostatic Shielding
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