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Metal Zone Monte Allums MT-2 Sustainia Mod (Envío incluido)

Por Miguel Angel el 12/09/2020 en Palencia
Expiración: 23/11/2021 | Visto 4243 veces
48 €
Metal Zone Monte Allums MT-2 Sustainia Mod (Envío incluido)
  • Metal Zone Monte Allums MT-2 Sustainia Mod (Envío incluido)
Vendo Metal Zone con la modificación de Monte Allums MT-2 Sustainia Mod. Nada que ver con el pedal de fabrica!! Lo vendo porque no lo uso. Esta currado esteticamente pero funciona correctamente. También lleva una base metallica para poder poner el velcro en condiciones.


Para cambios, algún overdrive.

Descripción de la mod:

This is my second Mod for the MT-2. I've gotten a lot of requests asking if there are any mods that will clean up the pedal when the gain is turned down and also reduce noise. My MT-2 Sustainia Mod has accomplished both of these requests. I have also flattened out the EQ and enhanced sustain. Now with the tone controls at 12 O'clock the EQ is almost totally flat with a mild fattening of the signal. The gain will now go from clean boost to crunchy overdrive to a take-no-prisoners distortion with sustain for days. You will not believe the sustain this mod will give you!

But, for those that prefer more gain with no clean boost I include instructions and two 1N34A Germanium Diodes that will give you that, along with a much smoother gain structure and enhanced sustain. So, depending on your particular tonal needs, this mod will cover both areas and it does both very well. My MT-2 Sustainiac Mod completely transforms a very harsh nasally pedal into one of the sweetest tastiest overdrive/distortion pedals available at any price. This is, without a doubt, the best mod for a MT-2 that's available anywhere at any price!
Estado: Bueno

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