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Klinger Custom Omnidrive

Por David el 22/11/2021 en Bizkaia
Expiración: 21/01/2022 | Visto 338 veces
150 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Klinger Custom Omnidrive
  • Klinger Custom Omnidrive
Vendo pedal Klinger Custom Omnidrive (OverDrive y Booster) en perfecto estado.
Acepto cambio por un buen delay.

The OmniDrive begins with a FET-based overdrive that comes equipped with Shape and Tone controls, plus the ability to run from pristine clean to medium mean. The Boost side features Grit and Volume and the choice of Silicon, Germanium or no clipping. You can use the Boost and Overdrive independently or run them together in any order you like. The Boost, thanks to its clipping options, makes for a great clean to fuzzy drive just on its own; but stick it in front or behind the Drive and you’ve got several dimensions of clean to dirty goodness at your feet. The Omnidrive will rock your world.

Two independent drive/boost stages. The drive side is a nice medium gain overdrive with tone and shape controls to dial in the right amount of edge to your signal.
The boost side is a full range boost or tone platform! Its has a grit control which allows the player to dial the right amount of amp style sag and overtones. This side of the pedal also has a switch for clipping.
The 3 way switch is for germanium, silicon or off. This makes the boost side act as another overdrive. You might just leave it on all the time!
The Flip switch is a real winner as you then have the ability to run the drive section before or are the boost for cascading drive bliss!”
Características declaradas por el vendedor

Estado: Muy bueno

País de fabricación: Australia

Color: Gris

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