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FIRE EYE - BRIGHT EYE Clean Boost Buffer

Por HINGO el 12/11/2021 en Madrid
Expiración: 14/01/2022 | Visto 248 veces
70 €
El anuncio ha sido retirado.
FIRE EYE - BRIGHT EYE Clean Boost Buffer
  • FIRE EYE - BRIGHT EYE Clean Boost Buffer
  • FIRE EYE - BRIGHT EYE Clean Boost Buffer
  • FIRE EYE - BRIGHT EYE Clean Boost Buffer
  • FIRE EYE - BRIGHT EYE Clean Boost Buffer
Increíble pedal y bastante difícil de encontrar.
Funciona muy bien limpio, con overdrive y también con bajo.



A Word from the Builder

The Bright-Eye is a clean boost and buffer pedal that uses a 9v center-negative power supply, bringing the hi-fidelity signal-conditioning circuitry of the Red-Eye Preamp to a pedal-train format.

The Bright-Eye offers high input-impedance, high input headroom, and a dynamic high-end frequency attenuation switch.

Professional Reviewer Quote

Well, all I can say is, “Thank goodness for clean-boost pedals,” and my current favorite for walloping the front end of my AC30 is the USA-made Bright-Eye Clean Boost/Buffer ($155 street). This mini pedal takes up precious little real estate on my pedal-board, it delivers up to 20dB of boost with its adjustable Boost Volume knob, a Shaped Mode decreases highs if my boosted tone gets too sizzle-y (there’s also a Flat Mode), and the photocell-controlled footswitch is dead quiet.

The Bright-Eye’s boost is thick yet transparent, and articulate enough to clarify every note of fast runs or open chords. I like the Shaped Mode best, because I tend to run my guitar a tad bright, and having a stout and less steely tone for solos actually helps the parts break out of a band mix, as well as making the roar easier on the audience’s ears. If you’re not an Earl Slick, the Bright-Eye is a marvelous option for getting heard with but one stomp of your foot.

Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine, Apr 7, 2017

So far, I have really only tried two volume boost pedals that I would gig with and the bright eye would be one of them. The benefit of the Bright-Eye is the small footprint of the pedal. I could fit it on my pedalboard no problems at all and for those interested, I am running it after my overdrives for a volume kick. This is a great pedal from Fire-Eye Development.

Guitar Effects World, July 31st, 2016

Vox Populi

I actually played a house concert for Daren [Fire-Eye Development] a few years ago in Austin. He saw the EP Booster on my board and came back with a Bright Eye prototype (first version) and gave it to me. It's one of the cleanest and most transparent boosts out there.

TheGearPage, jsharp29, November 13, 2017


Input: high-impedance, 1 million ohms, maximum 2 volt peak-peak level.

Low-impedance output, 600 ohms, will drive all guitar pedals and amps effectively.

High-Quality Switchcraft 1/4-inch input, output and power jacks.

Boost button with volume control and boost light.

A light beam and photocell control boost to eliminate all button noise and popping.

A Mode switch selects flat or shaped frequency response.

Uses standard 9-volt pedal board, Boss-style, power: (center-negative, center-ground).

Internal filtering to reject radio-frequency interference from neon lights and cell phones.

Small Size: 1.25 x 1.5 x 3.75 inches (9.52 х 3.17 x 3.8 cm). Weight: 6 ounces (170 gr).
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