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Electro-Harmonix Sovtek "Green Russian" Big Muff Pi (Tall Font)

Por J's el 08/09/2020 en Lleida
Expiración: 08/01/2021 | Visto 724 veces
500 €
El anuncio ha sido retirado.

Tested and in perfect working order
Original circuit and hardware (apart from 1 replaced screw)

The Tall Font Green Russians have the same sound as the previous Civil War versions (V7A, V7B). Less gain, fatter bottom end, and brighter mids than most vintage USA Big Muffs. The Tall Fonts are a favorite among bass players due to the low gain and huge, mid range, and bass friendly bottom end they produce. Listen to the Black Keys early live and studio recordings - like Your Touch - for some great examples of the Green Russian in use.

Produced in the late 1990s, the two-tone Civil War Sovtek Big Muff color scheme had already changed to an all green colored box with black graphics. Now the graphics changed to use simpler Big Muff letters. There were three editions. The first edition, nicknamed the Tall Font Green Russian, had tall, condensed, Big Muff letters. In addition to the English MADE IN RUSSIA markings like the previous Muff, this version also had the the same words in Russian letters silk screened on the front end.
Estado: Bueno

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