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Echopark Dual-Harmonic Boost Pedal

Por steinmusic el 04/06/2018 en Barcelona
Expiración: 29/08/2018 Visto 150 veces
200 €
Echopark Dual-Harmonic Boost Pedal
Estado 10/10. Boost con dos opciones con un sonido brutal!!! primer canal boost limpio, segundo con modificación de tono y rompiendo la señal.
Te ahorras tassas de aduana y envio desde USA.

Adjunto links y specs:

In keeping with Echopark,s tradition of exceptional quality and attention to every detail of our Instruments and Amplifiers. The Dual -Harmonic boost allows you to create a platform of sounds utilizing 2 individual boost/pre amp voices that can be used individually or tied together to create endless combinations of the wall of tone...
Not distortion!
Features :

Silent operation
Full size pots
9 volt battery power
DC input is 9v. 2.5mm center negative
Full size pots
Point to point wiring
True bypass switching
Mil spec components

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