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Demeter Reverbulator - (pedal de Reverb a Muelles)

Por jam-man el 11/04/2018 en Madrid
Expiración: 27/07/2018 Visto 275 veces
320 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Demeter Reverbulator - (pedal de Reverb a Muelles)
  • Demeter Reverbulator - (pedal de Reverb a Muelles)
  • Demeter Reverbulator - (pedal de Reverb a Muelles)
  • Demeter Reverbulator - (pedal de Reverb a Muelles)


REVERB de MUELLES en formato PEDAL. Lleva DOS TANQUES de reverb en su interior, Short y Long, y la posibilidad de combinar ambos.

Esta en PERFECTO ESTADO, usado en casa solo tres o cuatro veces. Con caja y adaptador de corriente.

Precio: 320 Euros
(No incluye gastos de envio. Se puede probar sin compromiso en Madrid capital.)


Real Spring Reverb In a Pedal
The RRP-1 Real Reverbulator is the ONLY Real Spring Reverb manufactured in pedal form. Designed with the same revolutionary technology as the award winning RV-1 Real Spring Reverb, the RRP-1 can give you everything from subtle surf rock tones to full on ambient sound effects. More versatile than any onboard reverb, the RRP-1 takes spring reverb to a whole new level.

The Reverbulator uses two separate Accutronix spring tanks (long and short), to provide multiple reverb options. The short spring has a fairly quick decay time, whereas the longer spring has a lingering ambiance. You can use each spring tank individually, or enable both for multi-dimensional effects.

The RRP-1 can also operate at line level, allowing you to use the pedal in the studio as an auxiliary effects send. Although it may look a little strange, the RRP-1 is perfectly at home next to any of your other pro audio rack gear.

Operation is fairly simple. For use on a guitar pedal board, simply plug in the unit at the end of your effects chain (or in your effects loop), and connect the 24 volt power supply. The unit has an over load light tell you when you are hitting the unit to hard, but there is quite a bit of headroom. This unit includes a mechanically dampened computer grade foot-switch and status indicator light.

We use Burr Brown Audiophile chips and the finest components for un-compromised tone and long life. The unit measures 10"x6"x1.75" and is small enough for most pedal boards. As always, this unit is 100% handmade in the US.

Spring Select: Selects either long, short or both spring tanks.

Phase: Flips the phase on the long decay spring, offering additional sonic possibilities.

Volume: Sets input level.

Blend: Dry/Wet Knob.

Gain: Sets output level.

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