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Daredevil Northern Creeper Fuzz

Por BooRadley el 05/10/2020 en Valencia
Expiración: 29/12/2020 | Visto 324 veces
100 €
Daredevil Northern Creeper Fuzz
Daredevil Northern Creeper fuzz en perfecto estado. Prácticamente nuevo. El pedal va en su caja, con sus papeles.

From Daredevil:

The Northern Creeper Fuzz from Daredevil Pedals. The circuit is thick and biting, reminiscent of early 70's fuzzes by Shin-ei or Maestro minus the extra controls. Just volume and sustain.

More output, even tone response, and more gain. Big, gritty, blown out, and saturated...but tight enough to hold its own in a live setting.

The Creeper has a raspy, crunchy edge and loads of sustain with a little bit of low end sag. You can even get a more starved feel using the 'ol dying battery approach. It really opens up and adds a bit of harmonics with a cranked tube amp.

Hand wired, and true bypass...Toss one in your boogie van and spread some fuzz...
Estado: Impecable

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