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Boost Cmatmods

Por ltarrida hace 2 semanas en Madrid
Expiración: 12/05/2021 | Visto 106 veces
40 €
Boost Cmatmods
  • Boost Cmatmods
  • Boost Cmatmods
Vendo este estupendo Booster de muy buena marca boutique. Hecho a mano y descatalogado. True bypass
This is a clean boost that is 20db.

It adds a touch of presence to your signal when engaged to help you stand out in the mix.

it is true bypass and has a blue LED, neutrik jacks and operates on a batery or 9v adapter.

The Boost is bare alumium with a decal over the top and is in a MXR size case.
Estado: Muy bueno

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