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Ampli VOX 15w Night Train ~ AC15

Por TheMix hace 3 semanas en Salamanca
Expiración: 12/11/2019 Visto 377 veces
225 €
Ampli VOX 15w Night Train ~ AC15
  • Ampli VOX 15w Night Train ~ AC15
  • Ampli VOX 15w Night Train ~ AC15
  • Ampli VOX 15w Night Train ~ AC15
  • Ampli VOX 15w Night Train ~ AC15
Amplificador VOX 100% valve 15 watts
Tamaño pequeño, fácil de transportar (menos de 8 kg)

Amplificador de potencia de 7,5 vatios o 15 vatios
Es el mismo sonido que el Vox AC15 (a su vez derivado del AC30 Voice), pero en el formato altamente portátil "lunch box" / "mini head".

Gain y master volume para permitir un uso fácil en cualquier entorno (hogar / estudio / ensayo)
En este negocio también se incluye una funda acolchada Traynor Canada de alta calidad para la cabeza.

Caracteristicas tecnicas:
NT15H Cabezal Night Train
2 voicings
7,5 vatios o 15 vatios
Configuración de válvula:
100% tube - 2x ECC83 / 12ax7
y 2x EL-84
Salida de altavoz de 8 ohmios o 16 ohmios

1 cable marca DAP nuevo para coluna

Review Premier Guitar:

Born from concepts introduced by the AC15CC, and various component changes and tweaks were thrown in to give the Night Train its own, unique voice amongst its British siblings. In the up position (Pentode), the Night Train runs at 15 watts, and the down position (Triode), the head drops the wattage down to a modest 7.5 watts.

A dual-EL84 tube power section coupled with a dual-12AX7 preamp allows the Night Train to pump out either 15 or 7.5 watts from its retro toaster-sized packaging.

The construction quality is extremely solid: the chassis is a combination of brushed and mirror-finished steel, weighing in at slightly less than 17 pounds. Thankfully, VOX didn’t cut any corners with building materials, as the only plastic parts that are exposed are the classy, off-white chickenhead knobs that adorn the faceplate.

Designed in conjunction with famed amp designer Tony Bruno, the Bright/Thick switch isn’t really a dedicated tonal change, but seems more like a channel switch. Using the Les Paul Custom and flipping the switch to Thick, the amp shook off and shed the classic ‘60s vibe that I’d been enjoying. It snarled with an incredible Slash-esque bark.

I moved the head to a Bogner 4x12” with Celestion Vintage 30s, which allowed it to really showcase how multidimensional the overdrive tones are, unlike some small-wattage heads with rather flat and dull distortion sounds. Despite being a 15-watt amplifier, the Night Train is very loud and powerful

The most exciting moments with the Night Train for me were using the extremely satisfying clean channel. It’s not often that you find a small-wattage head with cleans that can compete tonally with some of its larger wattage brethren, and also be as capable and convenient for gigging (provided that the drummer isn’t playing too loud). It’s certainly the best sounding small-wattage clean tone that I’ve heard so far.


The Final Mojo
Coupled with a fantastic overdrive that seems like an entirely different amp itself, the Night Train is really hard to beat if you’re in the market for a low-wattage amplifier.


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