Miki Black, guitarrista y modelo.

#1 por iñigo el 06/05/2008

Welcome! Here's my life story in a nutshell: I was born and eventually I will die. Oh, you want more? I'm flattered! OK, I was born on May 31st and due to the fact that I have stopped aging, I cannot disclose the year (that was part of the deal). I am definitely a Gemini, a very strange breed and the sign of the Twins.

My ethnicity is Japanese/Caucasian. My mother and father met in Okinawa, Japan when my father was in the Army, Special Forces. They married, had my brother, moved back to the States and had me. No, I was not raised as your stereotypical "military brat", but we did attend many crazy Special Forces reunions growing up.

I spent my early childhood in the Midwest, my elementary and junior high years in Saudi Arabia of all places, and back to the Midwest for high school and college. I was quite the problem child back in the day so we'll leave most of those details out. Believe me, I was an unusually evil teen. What saved my ass throughout was my art, music and a supportive family.

During my years overseas, I was lucky enough to have traveled with my family all over the world. Before my teens, I had already traveled to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, England, Ireland, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Saudi Arabia, and I'm probably even forgetting a couple places. When I tell people all of the countries that I've traveled to, they automatically assume the travel was military-related, but actually none of it was. These were all vacations that we took as a family during just about every holiday break that we were given, with the exception of Saudi Arabia. That was definitely no vacation! I spent six years living there, all prior to the Gulf War. As a result of living in a foreign country for six years, combined with all the traveling that we did, the experiences and sights that I've seen have caused me to view the world from a very unique perspective. It's also contributed well to my insanity!

I always had a love for the arts so I pursued the field of Graphic Design in college. I received my B.F.A. in Commercial Art/Computer Design from Millikin University, a small private liberal arts college in Illinois and worked as a Graphic Designer for a few years. Click here to read more about my art background. Meanwhile, I had been dreaming about making the journey across the country to Southern California and I finally did just that in the fall of 1999. No regrets! This is truly the best weather in the country and the job opportunities are amazing.

I started modeling in 2001, after realizing that desk jobs are just not for me. You see, I'm a little hyper and I tend to complain just a bit when I'm confined, so being forced to sit for eight hours a day is like a form of torture for me. Modeling has definitely been rewarding. I've modeled quite a range from beauty to glamour to fashion.

In 2002, I began focusing on music, namely the guitar, which I've been playing since my early teens. This is what I moved out to Cali for. I'm now working on some amazing music projects and I only wish that I had moved here years ago.

I love what I'm doing now. Every day is an adventure. I meet tons of people and it sure breaks the monotony of a nine-to-fiver. There is still so much more that I have yet to accomplish. What does the future hold? I couldn't tell you. I can tell you this: It will definitely be an interesting journey.

#2 por Poltrota el 06/05/2008
Si que esta bien la chica la chica,si.:shock: :calor:

Esta bien que la gente tenga otras aficiones, ademas no tienen ninguna obligacion de tocar bien, ya tiene un trabajo. Peores hay por el youtube.

Un saludo.
#3 por iñigo el 06/05/2008
He puesto la bio en Inglés. No me apetecía traducir...:leyendo:

Así no parece un post de salidos :babeando:
#4 por frasco el 06/05/2008
No... de salidos no...

de saludos...

Por cierto:

Un saludo para las dos de esta chica. Se le sospecha un buen sustain. Ya le pondría yo un bend de Mi Mayor.

#5 por Zhysick el 06/05/2008
+1 por el post Iñigo (porque no le puedo dar el +1 a la tia).

Las morenas y encima asiáticas son mi debilidad :oops:

Y encima con pasión por la música!!!!!!! :aplauso:

Y ahora hablando de música...

La verdad es que como guitarrista no se ganaria el pan, pero eso que ha tocado me gusta como suena... :)

#6 por JmFernandez el 06/05/2008
Si que tiene buen "sostain" si.....
#8 por shredguitar_metal el 10/05/2008
Wow!! pedazo de tía :shock:!!
#9 por iñigo el 12/05/2008
shredguitar_metal escribió:
Wow!! pedazo de tía :shock:!!

Tranquilo, está entera :si:
#10 por luismars el 12/05/2008
joder cuanta carne!

Yo quiero ser el Crazy Train de esta muchacha.

:( en el usuario del youtube solo hay versiones de Dee, mecachis, siempre con ropa.
#11 por Mr.Crowley el 12/05/2008
Pues la tía debe medir metro 60... porque las guitarras parecen enormes a su lado.

O ella es chiquitina, o le gustan enormes :D
#12 por walls el 12/05/2008
Pues si que parece poquita cosa, como dice Mr Crowley las guitarras lucen mas grandes que ella.

Aparte de eso pues no esta nada mal la muchacha, aunque a mi el rollito este de las modelitos no me vaya nada, me gustan las chicas mas sencillas y que se ganen la vida o el respeto de los demas por meritos propios y no por tener un fisico agraciado y mucho menos que les paguen por eso nada mas.

Respecto a como toca, no hace falta decir nada, solo lo tiene como hobby y eso se ve.

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