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Vendo Schatten Design DI Plus

Por chocadel el 20/03/2018 en Barcelona
Expiración: 31/10/2019 Visto 436 veces
100 €
Vendo Schatten Design DI Plus
  • Vendo Schatten Design DI Plus
  • Vendo Schatten Design DI Plus
Modelo descatalogado. Esta nueva. Calidad en la linea de todos los productos Schatten para instrumento acústico.
Añado abajo un corta/pega de una web con sus especificaciones.

Single Channel Combination Preamp and DI

We are pleased to put our name on this great combination Preamp and DI unit built by the Ultrasound Amplifier folks. This incredibly versatile outboard unit will give you everything that you need to be able to play in pretty well any setting or venue.

Extensively tested with our pickups, this Preamp - DI will allow you to plug your instrument into virtually any amplifier, P.A. system, or mixer and sound terrific.

No more mis-matching impedance issues going into a 'strange' sound system. No more weak output and signal line-loss issues due to the length of the mixer cables.

This combination Preamp and Impedance Matching unit will do it all for you.

Preamp-DI Plus Features:

Full-featured single channel preamp and DI box
Bulletproof metal housing
Input gain control to allow proper setting for the huge variety of acoustic pickup output levels
Balanced XLR output for routing the signal to a PA system
1/4 Line Out for sending the signal to a stage amp
Both stage and PA outputs have their own level controls
48V phantom power capability
Active bass and treble EQ
Mid-dip shape control permits removal of honky frequencies
Notch filter control to help eliminate feedback
Phase switch to enhance overall sound and to help eliminate feedback.

Controls For:
Input Gain, Bass and Treble EQ, Notch Filter, Mid Dip (shape), XLR Level Out, Line Level Out

Lights For:
9 volt battery condition
48 volt phantom power availability

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