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Vendo: Vendo/cambio Previo a válvulas Carvin Quad x-amp (con rackcase) por amplificador.

Por canabina el 26/06/2016
Expira el 11/01/2017 a las 10:03 | Visto 370 veces
375 €
Lugar Madrid España
El usuario ha marcado este anuncio como vendido
Espectacular Previo a vávulas Carvin Quad x-amp en buen estado y con rackcase de una unidad incluido.


Carvin Quad X-Amp preamp. great, versatile musical tool for both recording and a stage rig. Use it to drive the power amp of your choice, or run it straight into the PA or your recording gear via its XLR outs and 4-12” cabinet simulator, which also gives you a fulfilling sound in the Quad X’s headphone output. However you listen to it, this thing switches effortlessly between four beautifully voiced preamp channels, fueled by nine Ruby 12AX7 tubes.

The two “Clean” channels offer warm, responsive variations on the classic Fender sound, and, like Fenders, produce a singing, finger-responsive tone when overdriven. The remaining two channels were designed for overdrive, with the “Crunch” channel channeling a Marshall, and “Sustain” giving more of a Santana-like Mesa Boogie sustained tone. It takes a standard mono guitar plug, while the outputs give you a choice of mono or stereo.

Along with each channel’s responsive tone controls, you can further tweak the sound with Boost and Bright switches, the cabinet voicing switch and a five-band graphic EQ. There’s reverb and a built-in noise gate if you need it. Unless you’re playing at crazy levels of gain, this system is remarkably free of hiss and other background noise.
Each channel also has its own dedicated effects loop) and EQ on or off.


Vendo el Carvin Quad x en 400eur o lo cambiaría por un Roland Jazz-Chorus, Fender Blues Junior, amplificador a válvulas pequeño, o ampli de acústica Roland AC 60/90.
  • #1 por PEP VICH el 11/07/2016
    Buenas compañero,
    Tiene el footswitch?.
  • #2 por canabina el 11/07/2016
    Hola, no lo tiene.

  • #3 por Carlos Casanova el 03/10/2016