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Subwoofer activo ISP Steve Lukather

Por luissi el 16/10/2015 en Bizkaia
Expira el 09/01/2017 | Visto 477 veces
500 €
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Subwoofer activo ISP Steve Lukather
  • Subwoofer activo ISP Steve Lukather
  • Subwoofer activo ISP Steve Lukather
  • Subwoofer activo ISP Steve Lukather
Subwoofer ISP Steve Lukather signature series, 600w activo.
Si estas buscando un sub para tu Gt, este sin duda es el mejor, Brutal!

Entrada con volumen independiente y salida para otro altavoz,
crossover incorporado.
Selector d impedancioa d 4, 8 y 16 ohm.
Ruedas para moverlo pk el cacharrito pesa....un monton y
es algo + grande k una caja d 2x12.
El cacharro mejor probarlo con los dodotis puestos pk t cagas d la impresión....jjj
Especialmente recomendable para las guitarras d 7 cuerdas o
afinaciones graves.
Esta en perfecto estado.

Prefiero entrega en mano entre Bizkaia y Cantabria.
Portes a cargo del comprador!

Aki os dejo unas lineas + técnicas...en ingles....(sorry):
The patents-pending Vector SL™ 600W Active Guitar Subwoofer Speaker was developed in collaboration with one of the most prolific guitarists of our era: Steve Lukather. Because of a long-standing relationship with Buck Waller of ISP Technologies, Lukather came to Buck with his desire to see a guitar subwoofer that would work with any guitar system. Based on specific inputs from Lukather, ISP engineers have designed the perfect complement for any guitar setup: the Vector SL Subwoofer. Years of experience in designing the highest performance Active Sound Reinforcement cabinets has allowed ISP Technologies engineers to develop the ultimate Active guitar subwoofer. The Vector SL incorporates ISP's patent pending D-CAT power amplifier technology with greater than 600 watts of RMS power. Connect the output of any guitar head to the Vector SL and plug in your favorite speaker cabinet and your supercharged Lukather Vector SL system is ready to ROCK.

The subwoofer level is adjustable via the sub level control on the back of the Vector SL cabinet. The internal 600-WATT RMS Active 15-inch subwoofer delivers incredibly deep, low end. The Vector SL subwoofer extends your bottom end all the way down to 45Hz, delivering enough low-end bass to match the frequency response of any 7-string guitar. Tune down as far as you want and the Vector SL continues to perform. To all this performance, add three-way power amplifier protection and you have a supremely reliable active guitar subwoofer. The Vector SL's internal D-CAT amplifier has global thermal protection, thermal protection built in the power transformer, and an on board distortion limiter circuit to eliminate the possibility of feeding square waves to the woofer. This means that, as long and hard as you drive the Vector SL, even to its maximum limits, you never have to worry about failures.