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Rivera 3D Shaman 3-Output Panoramic Chorus Vibrato

Por The Taxman hace 5 dias en Barcelona
Expiración: 09/12/2019 Visto 35 veces
250 €
Rivera 3D Shaman 3-Output Panoramic Chorus Vibrato
Pedal de Chorus y Vibrato. Con 3 salidas para poder ponerlo en normal, stereo o 3D (sonando por 3 amplis distintos).

El mejor pedal de Chorus que vas a probar.

Nuevo y con caja original y papeles.

Aquí en link de la web con más fotos y videos:

Cambiaría por un Flint o algun pedal de gama alta, pero prefiero venta.

Dimensionality is the aural image of depth of field, much like seeing a 3-D movie, except with your ears. In the new 3-D Shaman™, Rivera has created a new listening experience utilizing a Panoramic™ control and a breathtaking 3-D Analog Chorus and Vibrato effect. With 3 outputs (wet left, wet right, and dry center), you can run this effect with 1, 2, or 3 amplifiers in Mono (Wet and Dry mixed), Stereo (Wet R and Wet L or Wet and Dry), or 3D (Wet R, center Dry, Wet L). Imagine hearing the spread between your amps that makes you and the audience hear a huge aural image, with width and depth you can touch. The 3-D Shaman™ lets you project a large stage presence that major pros get from using multiple amps. With low-noise circuitry, lots of discrete circuits, and a BBD for effects, our 3-D Shaman™ is truly a studio-quality effect that breaks new ground. Dual independent LFO controls allow for separate adjustment of Chorus and Vibrato Depth and Rate. The Panoramic™ switch allows you to broaden the aural field to almost Grand Canyon proportions. With Ef.Blend control to add Chorus to taste, and a Tone control to adjust the brilliance, our new 3-D Shaman™ adds a whole new dimension to your playing.

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