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pastillas Ibanez INF1 y INF2

Por bamorjo el 01/09/2019 en Madrid
Expiración: 31/08/2020 Visto 395 veces
45 €
pastillas Ibanez INF1 y INF2
Vendo este set de pastillas Ibanez INF1 /INF 2 que se montan en varios modelos de guitarras Ibanez
son ceramicas con 8,15 (mastil) y 17 k de salida en puente

Neck INF1 Magnet Type – Ceramic

Measured DC – 8.15K ohms

Middle INFS1 Magnet Type – Alnico 5

Measured DC

Bridge INF2 Magnet Type – Alnico 5

Measured DC – 16.97K ohms

The INF1 Neck Humbucker, have somewhat PAF ish feel, but chords can feel a bit undefined due to a lot of low end.i found adjusting these pickups lower helped alot.

the INFs1 , being the single coil middle position is nothing to write home about on its own… its ok, but really just does its job for inbetween tones with the split humbucker on the 5 way pickup selector

The Bridge INF2 Humbucker reminds me a lot about a certain Tone Zone, but not so in your face…and just smoother in the top end . i think these will suffice for smoother lead playing and are quite suited for higher gain rock and metal playing styles.

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