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Lava Cable Kit Solder Free 10 Angle

Por hipeboy el 23/09/2021 en Madrid
Expiración: 16/11/2021 | Visto 310 veces
40 €
Lava Cable Kit Solder Free 10 Angle
  • Lava Cable Kit Solder Free 10 Angle
Lava Cable Kit Solder Free 10 Angle

NO SOLDERING! Make your own custom patch cables with the Lava Kit. SUPERIOR cable system. We guarantee you a brighter, bell like, open, dynamic sound with more top high and sustain. A kit contains 10 ft cable, 10 angled plugs and a cutter. The big advantage of these kits above other kits is that these are the smallest plugs around. They save space on your pedalboard, and they sound great. This cable has a low capacity of 15 pF per foot. (The more Picofarad, the more signal is blocked.) The Lava connectors are more robust and smaller than George Ls (for an even smaller footprint on your board) The Lave cable is tested better than George L. Feel free to read the reviews on the net. (google: Lava vs george L) the connectors are grounded 360 degrees around the plug, where George L suffices with just a small screw. Cable is highly flexible and can be cut to minimum distance. This system is sold as SET consisting of 10 plugs, wire stripper 3meter ELC (Extreme Low Capacitance) cable. Plugs right angles or straight. ... its a no brainer! Set of 10 plug, 3 meter cable and tools
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