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Friedman Runt Combo 1x12" 20 w

Por Skywalker el 23/08/2020 en Madrid
Expiración: 18/09/2021 | Visto 5465 veces
930 €
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Friedman Runt Combo 1x12" 20 w
  • Friedman Runt Combo 1x12" 20 w
  • Friedman Runt Combo 1x12" 20 w
  • Friedman Runt Combo 1x12" 20 w
  • Friedman Runt Combo 1x12" 20 w
  • Friedman Runt Combo 1x12" 20 w
  • Friedman Runt Combo 1x12" 20 w
Hola, esta en perfecto estado estético y funcional, con su pedal de cambio de canal.

Desde un limpio cristalino (se adapta a cualquier guitarra con el interruptor de bright y la presencia) a una distorsión bestial similar al mítico BE OD, no necesita pedales y tiene una EQ muy versátil.

Sólo en mano en sanchinarro. Me interesa también un cambio en mano por un Friedman Pink Taco o por algún cabezal mesa boogie pequeño (20w o menos).

Suena así a volumen de dormitorio:

Friedman Runt-20 1x12" 20-watt Tube Combo *

The Combo for Smaller Gigs and Recording
If you're looking for no-compromise guitar tone in a lower-wattage amp, the Friedman Runt-20 is a diminutive 20-watt combo with three 12AX7 preamp tubes, a pair of EL-84s in its output section, and one Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker.

This amp's two channels will take you from chimey cleans to searing high gain, while staying impressively touch sensitive. The Runt-20 is spec'd with a speaker-load and cab-emulated XLR out meticulously designed to offer you silent performance that sounds as good as the best digital cab emulations out there.

Add in a buffered series effects loop, and you've got an incredibly versatile guitar amp.

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Friedman Runt-20 1x12" 20-watt Tube Combo Amp
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Friedman Runt-20 Combo 1 x 12" 20-watt Tube Amp at a Glance:
Tonal range from jazz to metal
Analog cab-simulated XLR output
A session guitarist's best friend
Tonal range from jazz to metal
Even though the Runt-20 Combo features two channels with minimal controls, it easily achieves tones along the whole gain spectrum and does it very, very well. The clean channel is an intuitive affair with a single volume knob and a 3-way bright switch. You'll love the smoky jazz-type sounds and rich vintage crunch this channel can offer. Move over to the overdrive channel, and the Runt-20 Combo comes alive with a deep and rich gain that will nail '70s hard rock and be easily pushed into modern high-gain aggression. And it does it all through a Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker.

Analog cab-simulated XLR output
The cabinet-emulated XLR output featured on the back of the Runt-20 Combo is positively ground breaking. Dave Friedman poured over this all-analog design to ensure that its tone stands up to the best digital cab-sims and impulse responses on the market. And the Runt-20 Combo features an internal speaker load. This means you can run the XLR output without a speaker attached to send a cranked-up tube amp tone direct to your recording device or the front of house sound engineer. And you can use it as a late-night practice device.

A session guitarist's best friend
Every aspect of the Runt-20 Combo all-tube 1 x 12" electric guitar amplifier lends itself to being a powerful tool for session and performing guitarists. Not only is it capable of a huge array of tones, but its 20-watt rating is perfect for live performance. The amp's Baltic birch cabinetry is very durable, easily standing up to the rigors of the road. And both channels are specifically voiced to work wonderfully with all your favorite pedals. You will definitely find these amps in the backline of many Sweetwater guitarists.

Friedman Runt-20 Combo 1 x 12" 20-watt Tube Amp Features:
20-watt all-tube combo amp
Smooth and vintage-sounding 12" Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker
Clean channel is clear and punchy with minimal controls
Dirty channel goes from classic rock to metal
Durable Baltic birch construction
Cabinet-emulated XLR output that sounds as good as the best digital emulations
Internal speaker load allows you to run direct without plugging into a speaker
Features Friedman's famed transparent series effects loop.

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