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Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's

Por gzz guitarroides el 11/12/2017 en Alicante
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Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's
  • Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's
  • Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's
  • Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's
  • Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's
  • Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's
  • Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's
  • Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's
  • Fender Showman (Paul Rivera) 80's
Ampli Fender Showman,80's epoca Rivera.
Uno de los amplis de Rivera que mas fama tienen por su sonido.
Es muy configurable,muchos de los pots se levantan
para realzar el sonido.
Todo original.Version 212 (2 altavoces Fender de 12").
Son 200w.
Todo funciona bien,recien revisado por luthier.
Ni siquiera hacen ruido los pots o ecualizadores...
Cualquier duda por privado.
Envios aparte.
Salu2 y mucho Rock!!!

Os adjunto cosas que he leido en internet...

"Showman Series - The pinnacle of the amplifier designer's craft, with every conceivable control and feature backed up by a sizzling 200-watt power stage. The lead channel's "active" tone circuitry includes Bass and Treble plus two separate Mid controls. Combined with Volume, Gain, and Master controls, plus the programmable 5-band graphic EQ, this setup gives a range of sounds that you could spend years exploring. Even the normal channel has Bright and Mid Boost switches for extra flexibility. Add the effects loop, and you've got the ultimate performer's amp... the new Showman!"

These were only built/ produced for a short period in the 1980's, designed to compete with Mesa/Boogie at the time.

Amp is solid state, but the drive channel sure doesn't sound like it.
Very tube-like in sound and dynamics.
The clean channel is every bit huge and ballsy as any Fender can be.
200 watts and is capable of very extreme volumes, but sounds great at low volume.Good reverb.
Switchable effects loop with volume control.
Five band graphic EQ that is assignable to either channel.
This is a very flexible and versatile amp, with a ton of switching/ tone options.
Excellent pedal platform.
The build quality is some of the best around.

I've owned about 3 of these amps now, why? Because they are simply some of the best amps Fender ever built. Especially if you need very loud, clean, headroom. Think Fender Twin in a 1X12 package. Rivera had a stint with Fender when he was designing & building these amps & you can tell by the build quality. The cab, chassis, switches, etc look/feel more like Mesa Boogie type quality. Lots of bells & whistles without losing the good core tone. It came factory with a very well matched Fender speaker built with a huge magnet similar to an EV so it handles a lot of bottom end & volume very well.

I've come across a guy selling a Showman 115 combo.
He said he's had countless amps, Fender included, some of the best,etc.... and this one rivals all, and can even sound tubey.

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