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Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod superstrat

Por el nowy el 23/11/2017 en Araba
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Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod superstrat
Otra de mis joyas que saco a la venta. Modelo descontinuado, está completamente original con su estuche y accesorios. Esta pertenece a la primera tirada que venían con la pastilla JB 35 aniversario.

• Limited to 60 with this limited edition pickup
• Two piece Swamp Ash body
• Oiled finish
• Seymour Duncan 35th Anniversary JB Humbucker
• 1000 series Floyd Rose locking trem
• Includes hardcase
Get your hands on this limited edition Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod while you can because this is a special run and will only be made in small numbers.
Inspired by the hot-rodded 'super-strats' of the 80s the Chapman ML-1 Hot Rod is a stripped back, no frills tone monster!
There are three fundamental important elements to any electric guitar: The body wood that resonates, the hardware that links the strings to the body and the pickup that turns the string vibrations into an electric signal. The Hot Rod focuses on those three areas and nothing else! The Swamp Ash body gives a rich but clear tone, the first choice for all super-strat instruments.
The hardware is a 1000 series Floyd Rose trem system that not only ensures great sustain but also the lets you get creative with huge dive bombs and whammy effects all while maintaining tuning stability! And last but certainly not least the beast of a humbucker: Seymour Duncan's 35th Anniversary JB humbucker: an authentic modern reissue of one of the most revered humbuckers in the world! This pickup is limited edition and Chapman Guitars bought the whole stock so the only way you can even get this pickup is to buy this guitar!
Why the "Regular" pickup spacing?
Rob Chapman's first experience of the Seymour Duncan 35th Anniversary JB was testing it in the ML-1 Rabea prototype and love it so much he decided that the Hot Rod HAD to have it. Seymour Duncan only had these available in the "regular" spacing, but it sounded so good on Rabea's guitar that Rob thought "what the hell" & decided to go ahead anyway. A happy accident some might say but at the end of the day it's all about getting the tone, even if it means breaking the rules!
Why only one pickup?
Rob and Lee were really inspired by Phil X who explained why all his signature guitars had only the bridge pickup. By only having one pickup you halve the number of magnets pulling on the strings which slightly improves sustain!

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