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blackmachine guitar - Collector's Item (Mayones, ESP, Suhr)

Por Alexeh el 27/01/2018 en A Coruña
Expiración: 28/03/2018 Visto 706 veces
6999 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
blackmachine guitar - Collector's Item (Mayones, ESP, Suhr)
€6999/$8300 *One of a kind!* blackmachine guitar - Collector's Item - NAMM, Sikth

A truly unique piece of art for sale.

One of the first blackmachines ever made. Handbuilt by Doug Campbell. One of his personal favorites. Comes with hardcase.
Doug apparently destroys finished guitars that do not meet his high standards, enough said.

It was presented at the yearly NAMM show. You can find glowing reports on forums.

Personally given to Dan Weller (Sikth) by Doug himself.

Extremely well balanced tonally and sounds equally loud everywhere. This guitar is a modern masterpiece for player’s and collector’s alike.Plays and sounds like a million bucks. Monstrous tone. You can basically sell off all your other guitars you have after this. It does clean, gain and balls out metal.

This is another level of guitar building and I have owned PRS and numerous Ibanez JEM's and Universes.

Good condition. Some beltbuckle rash near the metal 'blackmachine' plate.

Doug preferred P90 pickups and these sound huge. They might as well be humbuckers. Big dynamic range.
Guitar has been setup by V-Man from Slipknot.

blackmachine guitars continue to fetch high bids on auctions because of their superior build quality, huge sound and unique modern looks. The waiting list is several years and a new one is obviously ALOT more expensive.

All the signature blackmachine features:

-Modern aesthetic
-Huge sound
-Thin body
-Flat thin top
-Exotic woods
-Metal signature plate
-Simple tone controls
-Wide cream binding

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