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Vendo: General 5f11 Tweed Vibroluxe offset tube amplifier handwired

por Mr.Gain Reduction hace 2 semanas
Expira el 08/01/2017 a las 13:56 | Visto 135 veces
1400 €
Lugar Barcelona España
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General Blackbird is our exact recreation of the classic 1959 "5F11" Vibrolux Brown era Tweed style amp. The only modern elements are a standby switch, bias-measuring resistors, and adjustment pot. Like all General amplifiers , only the finest period-correct components are used including USA-made Allen Bradley resistors our Sprague , custom USA Made Sozo Blue Molded our Jupiter condenser caps, solid 22G pushback wire, Handwound -manufactured Triad-designed power and output transformers, Hamond -made Jupiter Condenser 12" speaker our eminence legend and grown in the USA solid pine, hand-tinted cabinetry. The General Blackbird is a virtual trip back in time to one of the greatest small wattage amps ever made.

-10w 5y3 rectifier our 12w with gz34
-3 inputs
-Bias modulation tremolo
-Fixed adjustable bias
-Footswitch included